Dawsonville Dance

February is “Spread the LOVE” month!

February 16, 2017   |   MaryM

In addition our free moms class and surprise “Spread the LOVE” giveaways, our students have been decorating hearts this month that express why they love to dance. Read on in their own words!


“I love dance because it’s fun!”


“I love dance because I love to perform on stage and be creative”


“I love to dance because it’s fun, entertaining, and gives me something to do when I’m bored!”


“I just love dance so much I have no words

“I love dance because it lets me be me. #amazingtimeatdance”

It is so special to see the love for dance growing in our students. We love dance and we love our Dawsonville Dance students!

Our wall of LOVE! Every heart has a special note for our amazing students. Each one is unique, just like our dancers.