Dawsonville Dance

30 Day Splits Challenge

March 5, 2017   |   MaryM

For the past 30 days, our Level III and IV Ballet students have been competing in a Splits Challenge! We took pictures and measurements on Day 1, and are comparing them to Day 30 to see how much they have improved. The students with the most progress have been awarded with special treats and every student who achieved their splits will attend our “Banana Splits”Club ice cream party!

One of the goals of this challenge is to encourage consistency in our student’s efforts and to have them practice at home. Taking ownership and being dedicated will serve them well not only in dance, but in life! 30 days is a great length for a challenge like this; it is attainable and yet long enough to make real progress.

Check out their progress pictures below! We are so proud of our Dawsonville Dance students!


New members of the “Banana Split” Club!

Prizes for the most improved students!