Dawsonville Dance

Give the Gift of Determination

September 6, 2019   |   MaryM
          One tool that I use in my dance classes is a goal chart.  I have my students make these themselves.  They identify their goals – specific steps, moves, or improvements they would like to make in their dancing.  I let them decorate and really “own” their chart.  Then we set out on a path of steps that will eventually bring them to realizing their goals.  It requires a lot of determination from my students, but eventually they accomplish their goals and they are so proud of themselves!
          This kind of goal-setting and commitment is an incredibly important life skill to learn.  To be able to set a goal – where do they want to be by the end of the year?  Maybe a 180 degree leap?  Then to break down your goal into smaller steps: work on flexibility to gain splits, and leg strength to get height in your jump.  Staying focused on these steps brings them closer and closer to their goal.
          As students see their success with goal setting and determination, they will apply this in other aspects of their lives.  You might think dance class is a lot different than school, college, and job interviews, but the lessons they learn here will positively impact the rest of their lives.  You can take comfort in the fact that you are giving your child tools for a happy and successful life!