Dawsonville Dance

Give the Gift of Growth

September 10, 2019   |   MaryM
          One of the most rewarding experiences is watching your child explore and learn new things.  Seeing the look of intrigue on their face as they encounter something new to them…follow by a look of determination as they attempt it themselves…sometimes followed by a little frustration or confusion…but ultimately, they master the new concept, and the look of joy and pride they now wear is priceless!  A important thing for families to do is put their children in environments like Dawsonville Dance – where they will be appropriately challenged and stimulated, but always safe, secure, and not stressed.
          Dance is a continuation of all those physical milestones we keep track of in baby books…the first time they roll over, sit, stand, walk…and then the first time they skip, jump, twirl, and leap.  I love seeing my dancers explore their potential and grow to accomplish more things, working to achieve their splits and double pirouettes.  We raise successful, well-rounded individuals when we encourage them to develop new skills.
          In the words of child development experts Gill Connell and Cheryl McCarthy, “A moving child is a learning child”.