Dawsonville Dance

Give the Gift of Happy Memories

September 18, 2019   |   MaryM
          Something incredibly important to me is making the studio a secure and safe environment for my students and families.  I realize that sadly, some of my students go through hard situations involving family, home-life, bullying at school, and medical issues.  Every day I work to make dance class a consistent bright spot in their lives.  I affirm to my students their self-worth regardless of their dance ability or popularity at school.  I interact lovingly and kindly with my students, hoping that they will grow to trust that I am there for them and care about them.
          For every show, I painstakingly go over music, costumes, and choreography so that childhood is upheld.  I see my students feel confident and beautiful in their costumes, sing their recitals songs with gusto, and have fun doing age-appropriate dances.  Giving the gift of dance gives the gift of precious, happy, childhood memories.