Dawsonville Dance

Give the Gift of Self-Esteem

September 26, 2019   |   MaryM
          We want our children to grow up to be confident, but not cocky; proud of their achievements, yet able to be gracious when things don’t go their way. Life, and dance, is full of ups and downs.  Sometimes we don’t accomplish what we are working towards.  Sometimes a skill eludes one dancer while all the others seem to attain it.  Sometimes a dancer is not chosen for a certain part they wanted.  Sometimes one of my students will make a mistake on stage after all their work towards a flawless number.  It is healthy for children to process disappointment.  It is good to acknowledge what they are feeling and sympathize.
          But key to being able to handle disappointment is having healthy self-esteem.  Children need to know that there are things they do well.  I love seeing the pride on my student’s faces when they achieve a goal they have been working for, and get to put a sticker on their goal chart.  The chart shows them concretely what they are capable of.  Sometimes my perfectionist students don’t take time to really realize what they have accomplished.  I make sure to celebrate with my students and affirm to them how proud they should be!  This ability to recognize achievements is crucial to self-esteem.  Dance is a wonderful esteem builder because you are always accomplishing and learning more.
          Dawsonville Dance is a place for children to learn and practice these skills in those all-important formative years.  Dance provides endless opportunities to work for achieve excellence, because no matter how much you master, there is always more to learn!  A healthy attitude towards disappointment and success is an important hallmark of a well-rounded individual.