Dawsonville Dance

Give the Gift of Expression

September 30, 2019   |   MaryM
Dance is unparalleled in its ability to effect most aspects of growth and development.  As an art form, it allows children an outlet to express themselves creatively.  One of my favorite things to witness at the studio is a child involved in a game of pretend – pretending to be an animal, a princess, a mommy.  To them, they become something else for a while, they roll-play and experiment with acting differently than they normally would.  Imagination is a key component of childhood.  At our studio, we encourage this imaginative process in children – how do you think a fish would dance? Can you tell a story through your motions, without talking?  Giving these prompts and encouraging children to think outside the box allows their natural artistic process to bloom.
Dancers also learn how express themselves emotionally through dance.  Especially as dancers mature, they learn how to appropriately channel their excitement, stress, uncertainties, and passion into physical movement. I have seen dancers take situations and emotions and use them as inspiration to create. I witness something truly beautiful when I see my dancers passionately pouring their heart into their art form.