Dawsonville Dance

Give the Gift of a Healthy Lifestyle

October 4, 2019   |   MaryM
          Children need to move. It is programmed into their bodies to be active. From young babies bouncing on your lap, to toddlers “crazy-dancing” to music, to school age kids seeing what they are capable of on the playground; a marker of health is the desire and ability to move. Unfortunately children don’t get as much opportunity to move these days. Fidgeting is discouraged in the class room, and gone are the days when we could let children ride bikes around town until dark.
          In dance class, I give my students freedom to move however they choose, and instruction in how to move their bodies to accomplish dance steps. Both kinds of movement are so important to development. Our kids need freedom to be creative and experiment, and they also need guidance and direction to accomplish their physical goals. Dance builds strength, endurance, and a respect for rest. Dance is a great way to encourage our kids to have healthy lifestyles!

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