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FAQ’s – Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Dawsonville Dance different from other dance studios?
Dawsonville Dance is a performance based studio where the student’s well-being and happiness are the #1 priority. We recognize that only a small percentage of dancers continue into the professional world and yet truly believe that the lessons and skills, memories and relationships formed through dance will have a profound impact throughout each child’s life. We strive to provide your family with a happy, wholesome environment where childhood innocence is celebrated and where the best childhood memories are made. Read more about our studio’s journey and how you can become a part of it.

Which program should I choose?
We place new students solely based on age with more challenging programs becoming available as they progress. Click on your child’s age group to view more info about that program.
3-5 year-olds ~ K-2nd Grade ~ 3rd-5th Grade  ~ 6th-8th Grade ~ Teen Classes

Is it a year commitment?
Yes. Our season runs from August through May and it is important for each student to finish the year out. It is extremely difficult for teachers and unfair to the other students to have to change performance pieces due to student drop out.

Can my two-year-old take dance class?
We begin lessons at age 3 and potty-trained. Most students are ready for the structure of the classroom by this age however some students may need to start a little later. We can usually tell within the first 3-4 classes if they are ready or not. If your little one needs just a little more time before jumping into an independent dance class, you will receive our 100% full money-back guarantee.

What styles do you offer?
We offer classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Irish Pre Pointe , Hip-Hop and Lyrical. 

How much are classes?
Each program has all fees listed including tuition, enrollment fee, and the Recital Package. Click on your child’s age group to view more info about that program. Ask about our multi-class and sibling discounts.
3-5 year-olds ~ K-2nd Grade ~ 3rd-5th Grade  ~ 6th-8th Grade ~ Teen Classes

How do I enroll my child?
Simply by filling out our online enrollment form located here. If you have any questions or concerns about class placement, please contact us. We can’t wait for you to join us!


Will my child get to perform?
Yes! We are very happy to provide your child with two annual theater performance opportunities; one is our annual “Christmas Show and Nativity Ballet” held in November where we enjoy some of the holidays fun traditions, ending with the birth story of Jesus. In May, we have our annual Spring Recital where each class is highlighted in their own unique dance.

Is the Christmas Show and Spring Recital mandatory? Why?
Yes, they are mandatory. Our two annual theater shows are the highlight of your dancer’s year! It is a time when they get to showcase all that they have learned in class while wearing a beautiful costume and having the excitement of all eyes on them. It is very hard, especially for young children, to see all their dance friends getting ready for the show and not be able to participate themselves. For this reason, we require all students to participate in both shows. Plus, being able to present themselves before a large group of people is a skill that will breed confidence and poise later in life.

Why do I have to pay for the recital so far in advance?
There is much forward planning and cost involved in putting on a theater performance. We begin planning routines and costumes for the Christmas Show as early as September while costumes for the Spring Recital are ordered in November and sometimes barely reach us before studio Picture Day in April. We take all recital fees (covered in the Recital Package) upfront to make sure that your dancer is well equipped and has everything that they need for their big day!

What is in the “Recital Package”?
Our Recital Package is just busting full of value! Click here to view all the things that will you receive.


Is there a dress code? Why?
Yes, we require all students to follow the dress code that is listed for each program. Just as any sport or activity, you must have the appropriate equipment in order to practice correctly. Safety is our biggest concern when putting together our dress code. If a student is dressed incorrectly, it makes it difficult for teachers to see and adjust the body properly, thus leading to bad habits and possible injury. Specific shoes properly support the feet and protect from injury.

What are other parents saying about Dawsonville Dance?
“”Nevaeh loves everything about dance, that’s all she talks about. We could not be more happy about it and she loves her teacher. The money is well worth it. She has learned her right from her left. The costumes are lovely. All I can say is we love it so much and we love you Miss Mary.”” -Tammy Brown

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