Level II Details
Age: 2nd – 5th Grade
Type: Ballet, Jazz, Tap
Level: Level II
Tuition: $58/month* (see details below)
258 Beartooth Pkwy,
Suite 170
Dawsonville, GA
Meeting Times:

Monday 4:00-4:45 Level II Tap

Monday 4:45-5:30 Level II Jazz

Tuesday 5:00-5:45 Level II Ballet

With kid friendly moves and music, your child will have a blast all while being physically active, mentally engaged, and artistically creative.

Discover which program best suits your child by reading the descriptions below.

Ballet – Level II

This program focuses solely on ballet, arguably the most complex and beautiful of all dance styles. Students will learn proper ballet technique in an encouraging and age-appropriate environment.

Jazz – Level II

Jazz is a fun, upbeat style of dance with kicks, turns, and leaps! Jazz stems from ballet technique. Because of this, students enrolled in Jazz must also be enrolled in Ballet.

Tap – Level II

Tap is the American dance style! Focusing on rhythm, tap dancers actually make music with their feet. (Tap is a personal favorite at Dawsonville Dance!)

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What is included in each program?

32 weekly, 45 min. classes, and participation in our Christmas Show and Spring Recital.

Is there a Dress Code?

Yes, we require all students to follow the dress code that is listed for each program. Just as any sport or activity, dancers have special dancewear that are required for them to be able to learn and perform at their best. All dancers MUST wear regular clothes over their dance clothes while going to and from class, and never wear their dance shoes outside.

Ballet – dance leotard of any color (no skirts; attached or otherwise), pink dance tights (footed), and pink full-sole leather ballet shoes with hair pulled away from the face in a ponytail or bun. Athletic clothes with black full-sole leather ballet shoes for boys.
Jazz – dance leotard of any color, dance shorts/leggings, dance tights of any color, and black leather jazz shoes with hair pulled away from the face in a ponytail or bun. Athletic clothes with black leather jazz shoes for boys.
Tap – dance leotard of any color, dance shorts, black lace- up tap shoes, (black lace-up tap shoes for boys) with hair pulled away from the face.

What cost is involved?

There are 3 fees involved:

Enrollment fee: one-time fee of $50 per dancer or $60 per family;

Monthly tuition fee: 10 monthly payments of $58

Recital Package: $320 per dancer (over $500 in value!)*

*Recital Package fee may be broken up into 3 payments of $106 (Aug, Sep, Oct.)

All fees are made very clear upfront. There are never any hidden fees, ever.
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